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YES PLEASE! Most of the questions which may arise when you buy from us can be answered here. if you do not read them and contact us about issues about questions we already have answered here, you may or may not get a reply

We sell restaurant gift cards for the most part, but we occasionally also sell other gift cards to some entertainment/shopping venues. Check our website or contact our support for any help!

The only way to contact us through Telegram. Click on SUPPORT tab on site to connect with us, our support will assist you with any issues/questions you may have.

You are covered under our warranty for 48 hours. Use the giftcard/account during this time. If you do not use it during this time and any issues occur after this period we will not cover them. DO NOT BUY GIFTCARDS IN ADVANCE AND IF ANY ISSUES OCCUR CONTACT US TO RESOLVE THEM

Well, first check if your restaurant is open. Next I’d give them a call and ask if they accept eGift cards and, if the answer is yes, then purchase from our site. Once you’ve received your gift card, verify the balance. Most of the time you can just Google the restaurant name and it will suggest the gift card balance page (e.g. Jamba juice gift card balance check) If everything’s correct then proceed to the restaurant and enjoy your cheap meal! If there is a discrepancy with the balance then contact our support and they’ll help you out. Do not purchase gift cards to use at a later date! Buy the morning of the day that you want to use a gift card, or the day before, so you have ample time to get a replacement if there are any issues.

Most of our gift cards do not work online. The reason why they don't work online is that we normally don’t provide the PIN to use them online and a lot of the stores require you to input a PIN if you want to use the card online. Some of the gift cards we sell do come with a PIN. These can be used online depending on your store/location. If there’s an option to use it online then you can go right ahead and do it! If there’s no option or there’s an error when paying online, we don’t offer refunds/replacements since we only offer warranty on our gift cards to work instore. Using the card online for some of our gift cards is just a bonus!

You do not need a PIN to use the gift cards at a restaurant. The PIN is sometimes used to check the balance but you do not need a PIN to use it at a restaurant. If you did require a PIN and we didn’t provide a PIN then there would be no point in us selling that gift card. We remove such stores from our site as soon as we find out it’s not possible to use.

If you still have any more questions, feel free to contact us
anytime with your queries, we will get back to you.

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